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Women Sexual Fantasies

Women Sexual Fantasies & Me

When I started Escorting, I really didn’t give much thought to be an escort for woman. Actually I didn’t even think about it at all, I just assumed it would be for men and couples. Well I was wrong.

It seems there is definitly a market for me as an escort for woman. However this market is much smaller and very different from the male market.

My “classic” female client is mid thirty’s to young forties and this would be her first time. The story starts with her having sexual fantasies about being with other women.

Eventually some will find my twitter or website.

Its starts with an email, a somewhat hesitant email

The first few posts, the introduction is about her being curious about what its like to be with a woman. She makes it clear this whole thing is not very comfortable, but still she has two strong motivators, her curiousity and that shes now masterbating with sexual fantasies of being with a woman.

Curious, Horny and Cold Feet

The emails continue, I ask politely about her fantasies and when she would like to meet (as I do with my men clients), and thats where it ends….I never hear back.

Cleary I had to change tactics if I was going to increase my percentage of this potential market.

Changing Tactics…and the Surprise

As I opened the next email from a woman, this time I was ready. The hesitancy I recognized, the curiosity as well. This time I didn’t rush into setting up a time and place, I concentrated on her, her fantasies, how long she’s been having them…(kind of like a therapist)

As we wrote back and forth about her feelings, I would ask that she write about her fantasies (this was always a bit difficult at first).

This I was to learn is important as it would free them up, that they could finally tell someone about their secret fantasies, but there was something else…. when they wrote and as I read I would get wet, it was sexually exciting for me, it would “turn me on.”

I would find myself eagerly awaiting their emails with my fingers between my legs.

The excitement came from not just their words, but that they too were getting excited (sexually) and that always turns me on.

I in turn, would answer their questions while adding some of my own experiences with other woman. Of course this would only heighten their own level of “excitement.” Some would ask me to keep on writing  and to “tell them more.”

Something which can be a bit difficult with one hand (I wonder can a woman’s fluid ruin a keyboard?).

However being resourceful as I am, I acquired a “hands free masterbater, which allows me to type to my potential horny clients while enjoying the stories as well

Women Sexual Fantasies: A Win Win for all

and with this new strategy, I increased my success rate. More than that, I was not only helping some women who felt trapped, I was also enjoying our conversations  fantasies and our  meetings as well:  A real WIN WIN.

and I was making full use of my new pink vibrator (which I put on my desktop when I see an email from a female….).

Of course some of my “female” emailers may infact be a 16yr old kid in Pakistan 🙂