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My Escort-Blogs: Avoiding Creating International Incidents...

During these strange times, as to be expected, there are trends that I’ve noticed with my website visitors. I’ve writen about these trends in my past Escort-blogs. One of the most obvious trends these days is the increase in visitors from our neighboring countries. I’ve established that this really is a trend and not just a “one time thing.”  I naturally started to analyze the stats. From there I started to write a post based on their emails…and then I stopped.

Statistical Analysis from our Neighbors

The interest was first slow, but once the relations with the UAE was established it seems a “dam” broke. I started getting emails from all of our neighboring countries. Perhaps this was in anticipation of further warming of relations with additional countries.

Interesting idea for a dissertation: Escorting as a metric for prediction of economic activity between countries with new relations (email me, I’ll be your advisor).

These blogs that I started to write were about the content of the emails. How they wrote, what they were looking for in a visit to Israel. Of course I was also invited to visit them as well, with promises of money and marriages.

Within my blogs (I wrote a few actually), I would mention the cultural differences in their writing and attitudes.

It was that writing that I realized could be interpreted differently. A compliment or even an observation could be interpreted as a insult precisely because of the cultural differences. – I deleted them. One even made it online for about an hour and when I read it, all of a sudden I had this image of headlines in the local newspaper and a subsequent visit by the Israeli foreign ministry.

Escort-Blogs - Being Sensitive

A lot of people it turns out read my blogs from all over the world. Its not so much that I’m famous, but apparently I do have a small following (my fans). I can’t really know who they are, but from what I can tell from google analytics and emails, they come from all “walks of life,” and obviously from many different cultures….and that requires a certain amount of sensitivity on my part.

Many of my posts actually don’t make it to my website. I can write of an experience and only when I’m finished do I realize that I what I wrote might hurt / insult / expose a client….so it gets deleted.

Others as I wrote here, may have, in some bizarre way an effect on Israels’ very sensitive international relations. Perhaps I’m being a bit paranoid, but at the same time, strange things do happen, so I prefer to be careful and conservative.

My Contribution

Perhaps with the careful wording in my emails and posts that show my utmost respect for other cultures, I’m actually contributing to our international relations. I have no doubt for those men and woman that I’ve met with, I leave them with a warm feelings about their trip to Israel (as so many have told me).

Perhaps one day, a representative of the foreign ministry will knock on my door one day and offer me a commendation for the warm relationships between Israel and its neighbors that I have contributed to…or even offer me a job as I have shown my keen ability work with so many different cultures 🙂