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The Blonde in Yoga Pants

I had a client that had recently read my post about sweat pants and was pleased to know of the option. He however had a thing for Yoga pants, that at least was understandable. Tight as they are, they show every crevice that my body has to offer and of course wearing underpants just doesn’t fit. I even wore a training top to complete the outfit. What I really like was that he read my blog and that got him very excited to see me and to really let out his “inner self.” And what he really liked was that I made his fantasy / fetish come true – yoga pants. He had me move for him, slide them down just enough, bend over, every possible position that he could think of, he would ask me to do…and I was flexible enough to do them. Since this post has gone up, I hadn’t realized just how many men have a “yoga pants” fantasy…apparently many do